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URBAN SPACE MONTREAL INC. is a shop, a café space and Co- work. 2015, a multifunctional place animated Since with values inclusive cooperatives with a strong social and eco-responsible mission, in the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district. The two owners, Keithy and Ceendy, are Quebecers of Haitian origin, and share an obvious love for community, travel, culture, art, fashion and design. This location dissemination promotes and celebrates art, culture and entrepreneurship in a logic of partnership, networking and creation. We collaborate with creative minds from diverse areas, the goal is to draw inspiration as much from Montreal culture as from urban influences from all over the world.

Boutique Espace Urbain is a HUB, and today THE largest area of urban afro store in Canada! Where is hosted more than 100 partners, brands from here, mostly Afro women of various origins, Quebecers selling different unique Afro-Canadian inspired products. An area, by and for free spirits in business, by offering them a working environment stimulating, flexible and economical. One of the biggest advantages is being close to its members and users. You have to be mainly guided by the desire to render a service to one's community and to put oneself aside when necessary. We are at the service of a curious clientele
and aware of its local purchasing power.

Partner Benefits:
  • Lieu Co-working :
  • FREE when the Boutique is open (Reservation Required)
  • Preferential rate for exclusivities
  • Urban Loft Location: Preferential Rate
  • Pop-Up Shop (in the shop): Preferential Rate
  • Calendar of sales, promotions and contests
  • Calendar of fashion shows and pop-ups
  • Custom Visibility: Ex: Book Club,
  • Afroswag photo session + Diffusion: Seasonal
  • Networking Activities
  • Social Media Workshops: -Vision Board / How to create content
  • effective / Demystify Facebook, IG, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedln /
  • Branding Vs.
  • Marketing vs Promo / How to assess its impact on the media
  • social
  • Your items on our website
  • Packing services during the holidays and many more

More other benefits...

If you are ready to take the next step in your business, please complete this form below and we will send you the contract to sign and return to us. Please note that our contacts are only for 1 year at a time.