Stand Tall, Dress Fabulous!

What makes Boutique Espace Urbain stand out when it comes to Our african clothings, is the quality of african print fabric we use. We use the best quality of african print to bring to life their fashion ideas. Our prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find whatever product you need.

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Beauty and Wellness

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Unlock Your Inner Brilliance with Exquisite Jewelry

Inspiration from South African traditional culture, Beautiful Colors put together to brighten up one days. Handmade from glass beads



Home & Art

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When you buy work from a creative entrepreneur, ie a member-partner, you are buying more than one object. You gain hundreds of hours of trial and error. You buy years of frustration and moments of exultation. A small part of another person's life. That is simply buying handmade, ethical and sustainable products! Boutique Espace Urbain Montreal Inc. helps the customers do just that.

  • Empowering Individuals Through Curated Fashion Choices & Personal Style.

  • Since 2015, Espace Urbain Montreal is a local business with a strong social mission. The two owners, Keithy and Ceendy, are Quebecers of Haitian descent and share a clear love for community, travel, culture, art, fashion and design. We help validate their business model by allowing them to explore and test their passion, grow by better understanding the needs and characteristics of their target market, and take risks at a lower cost.