About Us

Who we are

Since 2015, Espace Urbain Montreal is a local business with a strong social mission. The two owners, Keithy and Ceendy, are Quebecers of Haitian descent and share a clear love for community, travel, culture, art, fashion and design.

The Boutique now has more than 120 members of various origins, selling various exclusive Afro, Urban and Vintage fashion products. We offer our customers the opportunity to buy beautiful, unique, limited, and local products. There are vast options of clothing for men, women, children, accessories, jewelry, care products, fabrics, books, gift ideas, souvenirs, rare items, exclusives, and limited editions. The objective is to offer our members/partners a space to present their work, their products and their services. We help validate their business model by allowing them to explore and test their passion, grow by better understanding the needs and characteristics of their target market, and take risks at a lower cost.

When you buy work from a creative entrepreneur, ie a member-partner, you are buying more than one object. You gain hundreds of hours of trial and error. You buy years of frustration and moments of exultation. A small part of another person's life. That is simply buying handmade, ethical and sustainable products! Boutique Espace Urbain Montreal Inc. helps the customers do just that.
Dare to buy Quebecer! Help promote local entrepreneurship! And at the same time, celebrate the richness of our diversity.

Boutique Espace Urbain is today on Plaza St-Hubert, and is the largest afro urban store in Canada. Home to more than 120 local brands with different unique products afro urban inspired (boutique, storage, special events).

For curious customers who are aware of their local purchasing power.